lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

Castlevania Curse Of Darkness - Limited Edition Soundtrack Sampler

01- Abandoned castle - the curse of darkness.
02- Followers of darkness - the first.
03- Baljhet mountains.
04- Belmont - the legend.
05- The man who destroyed dracula - part 2.
06- Garibaldi temple.
07- Mortvia fountain.
08- Followers of darkness - the third.
09- The forest of jigramunt.
10- Insane aristocracy.
11- The siblings' sad destiny.
12- Eneomaos machine tower.
13- Aiolon ruins.
14- The power of a hunter - part 2.
15- The dark holy man.
16- Dracula - part 1.
17- A_toccata into blood soaked darkness.

Aqui esta el Soundtrack de este gran juego. Este OST esta divido por 2 partes para mantener la calidad. Disfrútenlo

Parte I:

Parte II:

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Saint-Pierre dijo...

Foi muito díficil achar isso, muito obrigado.

Anónimo dijo...

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